Marketing During A Pandemic

by Abhishek Rakshit - Mar 22nd, 2020

The whole world has been rocked with the COVID-19 virus and the business community has been hit hard. With the much-required self-isolation, many businesses are feeling the brunt of the pandemic. Travel and Hospitality especially have been hit really hard with people cutting down on all but necessary travel and sometimes due to city/countrywide lockdowns.

As Vedic systems say everything comes in pair so while some industries are suffering other industries our getting an unprecedented push. Technology assisting remote work and collaboration has been a significant gainer. Not only the software the other day our hardware vendor told us that all his laptops have been rented as people are working from home.

We are at the cusp of a radical change in how we work and there are certain things many businesses will have to take care of now especially when it comes to marketing.

Connect with your existing clients

In these times of uncertainty be sure to get in touch with your existing clients. This could be as simple as giving an update on how you plan to help with their existing work and what steps you are taking to ensure that this transition will not affect them adversely. You will find that your clients will appreciate this immensely and support you in case you are not able to provide the requested services on time. Open and honest communication is the need of the hour.

Use The Isolation To Re-Evaluate

This mandatory/self-isolation has forced us to have a lot of time on our hands. Usually, most businesses get tied up in the day to day grind and not having time to look into the future. I would suggest using this time to re-evaluate your marketing goals and targets. It is always great to have a good digital marketing agency assisting your business but in most cases, it is always a great idea that the business owners themselves write down their vision when it comes to marketing and goal setting. In our experience, the best marketing success we have had is when we work closely with the Marketing Head/Business Owner and use their wisdom to build a great campaign.

Digital Is The Future

Although we have been saying it for quite a while this pandemic has brought it to the forefront that digital is the future of marketing. Getting all your digital assets in place along with creating a loyal follower base in the digital media is the only sure way to keep your business health in good shape. Now is not the time to slow down your marketing push but to double down on it. This pandemic has locked all your clients in isolation and the only way to reach them is through the different digital media. Intelligent businesses will look this as an opportunity to consolidate your existing base and break into new ones.

Use this time to solidify your marketing processes so that you are ready when the pandemic lifts and in the position to grab the market in the best way possible.

To finish I would like to ask everyone to follow the guidelines of the medical community and not panic. It is a time which will test our limits and as the challenges grow and we need to grow with them.