Lookouts For 2020

by Abhishek Rakshit - Feb 9th, 2020

Being in the digital marketing ecosystem for the past couple of years it simply blows my mind seeing how rapidly things are changing in this world. New social platforms, AI-enabled data analytics engines, and the tremendous reach of mobile devices are just fascinating to watch.

And this comes from someone who has been a technology enthusiast and software developer for more than a decade. There was a time when we cribbed about all the new development frameworks we had to learn all the time but the movement in the digital marketing realm has blown my socks off.

Let's take a look at a few trends I see coming this year and how to handle them as marketers.

Target Audience Segregation

There was a time when digital audiences were confined to one or two platforms but things have changed rapidly. Never in the past decade have we seen such a stark division of audiences across the different platforms. Be it any platform like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tikitok, etc just take a few steps back and you will be able to clearly identify different sets of clients based on their age, interests, and mode of content consumption.

For Savvy Marketers: The key is to be cognizant of where your target audience resides and what is the best mode to reach them.

Keeping It Simple

As our attention spans are going down marketers are being forced to come up with more and more innovative ways to grab eyeballs. This for a lot of people has become finding the most whacky images and crazy messages which do not guarantee results. Yes, every once in a while a piece of content is very different and goes viral but I don’t believe it's a good long term strategy. I believe this year will be a turning point when we will see messaging again becoming simple and to the point. It is not the most exciting thing to hear but it is the best way to achieve success consistently.

For Savvy Marketers: Please keep your message simple and easily consumable.

The Rise Of Ethical Marketing

With the growing call for data privacy how organizations handle user data is getting critical and turning into a big debate.

On the one hand, as a marketer and strategist, I am glad the way google and social platforms allow me to reach my intended audience with great precision; on the other hand as a user of these platforms it is my concern of how I am being tracked all the time.

Things have grown serious with Safari and Firefox starting to block tracking on their browsers by default. How will this affect the efficiency of the marketing platforms is yet to be determined but I can definitely see this debate growing this year.

For Savvy Marketers: Start to think in terms of creating a separate audience base through traditional methods like newsletters and blogs apart from the big platforms.

Let me know what other trends are you on the lookout for this year.