How to Choose an SEO Agency for a Lawyer

As a legal professional, finding and retaining the right clientele is important. This defines your success as a lawyer. Often, what differentiates a successful lawyer and one that struggles with nurturing the right clientele rests on a marketing campaign done right or wrong.

Changing landscape of marketing

The dynamics of marketing have changed immensely. From handing out brochures or visiting cards and placing advertisements in popular dailies to a mere click of a button on a mobile, marketing has changed 360-degrees from being an outbound campaign to a consumer-driven inbound one. In fact, these days, potential clients look for the right lawyer based on a search on a search engine. You don’t go looking for them anymore; they come to you. With such a shift, building yourself a strong brand image and a website that immediately connects with prospective clients while also appearing on the top 3 listings on a search engine is what can take you towards success.

Why do you need a law firm SEO agency?

With over 70% of new clients being found through search engines, local SEO strategies become very crucial for clients who look for lawyers in their geographical vicinity. Your website needs to:

  • Appear in the top 3 searches as internet users are not likely to look beyond the top 3 weblinks populated on search engines
  • Communicate the right message to potential clients (emphasis on content and user optimization)
  • Show you in the light of authority and credibility to turn website visitors into quality leads

SEO is not and cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach; marketing a lawyer or a law firm requires the agency to have special and in-depth knowledge of the law industry. An SEO firm that specializes in law firm SEO strategies can collaborate and help you put the best version of yourself out the world wide web with techniques to optimize and boost your website for the highest search engine visibility.

How does a law firm SEO agency operate?

A good law firm SEO agency will work with industry best practices and deploy techniques to help your website rank high and generate informative and engaging content. The SEO agency will begin with a technical audit of your website to understand not just your exact offerings but also the shortfalls in how you have marketed them (backlinks, content, keywords, page speed, user experience, headings, etc.).

Some of the techniques that are deployed by a good law firm SEO agency include the following:

1. Creating strong keyword research and strategy with a targeted keyword approach in the SEO campaigns

2. Checking if your website content is building backlinks with other reputed sites, which in turn impact your search engine rankings

3. Creating impactful, engaging, and optimized content

4. Optimizing your webpage content for maximum visibility on search engine results

5. Enabling landing page conversions to turn website visitors into strong leads

6. Optimizing your listing to increase location-based search results – listing on Google My Business

7. Creating well-designed, secure, and fast websites

8. Including a strong social media messaging to build brand value

Choosing the right law firm SEO agency for your needs

How do you identify the right law firm SEO agency to collaborate with for your brand building? A little background information on the agency can go a long way in helping you locate the right one. Here are some pointers to help you in your due diligence:

  • Run a search on the agency and see how they rank for their law firm SEO services in particular
  • Read through testimonials and case studies to get a feel of their proven success and track record in the industry
  • Do they use industry best practices as a part of their SEO strategy or do they resort to black hat or tricky methods? Ask them for a detailed presentation on their marketing strategy to get a sense of their methods. Look for transparency in all their interactions
  • Do they only offer SEO consulting or do they deploy the above mentioned techniques and SEO tactics end to end
  • How many people will work on your project and what is their background and expertise?
  • Will you be entering into a contract with them? If so, what will the terms of the contract be?

No SEO agency, however specialized in its offerings for a law firm, can deliver results overnight. Look for an agency with a strategy that promises sustainable results that pay off in the long term. Visit to get in touch with us for all your law firm SEO requirements. We will ensure that you get the best clientele.